30 June 2020 - Distribution Estimates

Estimates for the forthcoming 30 June 2020 Platinum Funds' distributions are available below.

These estimates will vary between updates given the significant fluctuations in markets on a day to day basis.
Platinum Trust Funds (C Class) & Platinum Global Fund June 2020 Distribution Estimates

Platinum Trust Funds (P Class) June 2020 Distribution Estimates

PIXX Quoted Managed Hedge Fund (QMF) June 2020 Distribution Estimate

PAXX Quoted Managed Hedge Fund (QMF) June 2020 Distribution Estimate

Important information for investors in PIXX and PAXX

If you have not provided your bank account details or made an election to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRP”) by 5pm on 30 June 2020, your distribution will be automatically reinvested in accordance with the constitution of PIXX/PAXX and the rules of the respective DRPs.

The rules and how to access the respective DRP’s via our registry, Link Market Services, are available under the ‘NAV History & Distributions’ tab , ‘Distribution Reinvestment Plan’ at: