Mechanisms towards lower carbon outcomes

Everything a person does has the potential to have an impact in some form or other. Platinum provides transparency at a fund level so that you have the ability to offset the emissions associated with your investment.

Carbon Disclosure

We calculate a monthly estimate of our Funds’ exposures to carbon emissions through their investment portfolios. As an investor, you may wish to use this information to consider ways in which you can seek to offset the emissions generated by your investments*.

* We believe in and support decarbonisation but note that this is a gradual process. Hence, for the moment, fossil fuels are not on our exclusion list, which is currently limited to tobacco and munitions.

Carbon Offset Initiative

Platinum offers the ability to calculate an estimate of the carbon emissions made by the companies we invest in on your behalf. We measure the carbon emissions in tonnes per year for each $10,000 invested in the funds.*

The “Carbon Calculator” below allows you to input the amount you have invested in the funds, to calculate your estimated carbon emissions exposure. To provide some context, an economy class return flight from Sydney to London via Singapore emits 1.74 tonnes of carbon.**

* Platinum Trust Funds and Platinum Global Fund.

** Source: ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator, Australian Government Green Vehicle Guide.

As a means of underscoring that we’ve been taking this very seriously for many years, one thing that hasn’t changed since Platinum’s public offering in 2007 is our endeavour to buy carbon credits (at a corporate level) to offset the carbon footprint of our own business.


Carbon Results

Carbon Footprint


Tonnes of CO2

Platinum uses South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd ("South Pole") to offset its own corporate carbon emissions. South Pole is an independent third party specialising in carbon reduction projects. They provide a full portfolio of carbon projects to choose from: South Pole Carbon Projects.