Australasia’s Best Sporting Team

Platinum Asset Management and GAIN LINE Analytics
26 Nov 2018

Platinum Asset Management (Platinum), together with former Wallaby, turned ‘data’ analyst, Ben Darwin of GAIN LINE Analytics (GAIN LINE), are pleased to present their analysis on Australasia’s (Australia and New Zealand) Best Sporting Team (ABST).

GAIN LINE have conducted a huge statistical analysis of 74,426 sporting matches between 222 teams in 14 leagues over 25 years to come to a conclusion.  Every game in every sport in Australasia that conducts an ongoing home/away or equivalent competition that included Australian and New Zealand teams has been analysed subject to the competition criteria.  We are very pleased to announce the winning team is New Zealand’s Crusaders (rugby union).
ABST brings an analytical approach to how relationships within teams (‘cohesion’) are important drivers of success or failure; this is often overlooked in most conventional analysis which tends to study talent and leadership.  In doing this analysis, we aim to start a new conversation about greatness, reward success, and unearth some hidden gems.
Platinum has worked with Ben Darwin previously with regard to what makes a team successful and this has led to a focus on team ’cohesion’ as a key driver of success.  The period of observation 1994-2018 is coincident with the history of Platinum and the Crusaders are being presented with the opportunity to make a donation to a local cause in their community.
Douglas Isles, investment specialist from Platinum commented “I came across Ben’s fascinating work about cohesion and teamwork around the last Rugby World Cup and it resonated with ideas we had been working on about how best to present the strength and longevity of Platinum’s investment team.  Platinum became Ben’s first corporate client asking him to analyse us as if we were a sports team.  Working with Ben, he used group exercises to demonstrate cohesion in action and we then showcased Ben to our clients to introduce them to his work; the feedback was outstanding”.
ABST is Platinum’s next iteration in working with GAIN LINE Analytics, to measure and recognise success, but also to emphasise to our clients and beyond, that the way a team is built is essential in determining its long-term success.  To deliver outstanding outcomes, this is something we strongly believe in both as investors in companies and in managing our own investment team.
Following the 25 year award there will an ongoing annual award for the current best sports team in Australasia based on a five year time period.
For the criteria and results of the top 25 overall, top 3 by sport and top 3 by state/country, please go to the following link:

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