Investing for Life Podcast – Catherine Robson, Chair, Scale Investors

Douglas Isles,

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19 Nov 2021

In this honest and insightful conversation, host Douglas Isles interviews Catherine Robson, Chair, Scale Investors. 

Catherine worked as a financial adviser for over 20 years and has won numerous awards including Money Management Adviser of the Year, AFA Female Excellence in Advice and FPA Victorian CFP of the Year. Following the successful trade sale of the financial services business she founded, as Chair of Scale Investors, Catherine is now an active early-stage investor and passionate supporter of female founders.

Listen to this conversation to:

  • Hear Catherine reflect on how her childhood experiences with money served as both a tension and a driver for her in developing a strong entrepreneurial spirit from a young age;
  • Explore the temporary setbacks that ultimately led to her future successes; 
  • Delve into the catalyst for Catherine’s pivot point in her career – the moment that shaped a new path towards greater financial and career independence and satisfaction. 

Catherine’s Investing for Life story is an inspiring one, where continuous learning through the first half of her career has helped her to make smart decisions in the longer term. In this way, she has not only found new purpose and clarity, but also empowered those around her as a result.

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