Investing for Life Podcast – Nicolette Rubinsztein, Non-Executive Director

Douglas Isles,

Douglas initially joined Platinum in May 2003 as an investment analyst covering industrials and as primary communicator for advisor presentations. He previously worked for CBA.. More

04 May 2022

Host Douglas Isles launches the second season of the Investing for Life podcast with Nicolette Rubinsztein, non-executive director, actuary and author.

An advocate for mothers and work/life balance, Nicolette was named one of Australia’s top 10 most powerful part-timers. She successfully balances motherhood with several board positions, and her passion for giving back by volunteering at home and abroad. In her former career, Nicolette was a General Manager at CBA and Colonial First State.

She was president of the Actuaries Institute in 2019, holds an executive MBA, is a fellow of the AICD, an ASFA Lifetime member for her work in superannuation policy, and author of the book Not Guilty – a guide for career mums.

Throughout this insightful and honest interview, Douglas and Nicolette unpack her successes using a framework modelled on Platinum’s time-tested investment principles.

Listen to this conversation to:

  • Hear Nicolette describe the devastating setback of five miscarriages, how she navigated this enormous challenge and, importantly, how it has strengthened her today;

  • Learn about the long-term view she has held to ensure she remains on the right path, including advocating for part-time roles, investing in herself and leaning into what energises her – giving back through her charitable pursuits; and

  • Hear how she embraces qualities that help her stand out from the crowd: her feminine strength and kindness.

Follow Nicolette on LinkedIn: or find more information on her book, Not Guilty, here:

Investing for Life is hosted by Douglas Isles, Platinum Asset Management.

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