Investing for Life Podcast – Felicity Menzies, Principal Consultant & CEO, Culture Plus Consulting

Douglas Isles,

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15 Jun 2022

In her early thirties, Felicity Menzies was working offshore in banking when she went through a disturbing workplace incident; a pivotal moment that would take her career in a completely different direction. Felicity was bullied by a senior employee and – given power structures at the time – ultimately asked to leave.
Motivated by this experience, Felicity turned a setback into a path-altering catalyst for positive change. She went back to university and studied psychology with a renewed passion for human behaviour and building more respectful workplaces. Today, Felicity is Principal Consultant and CEO of Culture Plus Consulting – a Sydney-based Global Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy.
Over the past decade, Felicity and her team have worked tirelessly with organisations to champion a zero tolerance approach towards workplace misconduct and equality, believing: "No matter what your rank is, or how much money and power you have in an organisation, everyone must be held to the same standard of performance".
Beyond Culture Plus Consulting, Felicity hopes to see even further progress around power imbalances, citing key opportunities like the Jenkins Report and how its recommendations provide hope and could be a game-changer for corporate Australia. "For many years, progress has been slow in the corporate world. However, we're now seeing individuals are more likely to understand it, to buy into it and to see it as fair. We want Australia to be a fair country."

Listen to this inspiring conversation to:

  • Hear how Felicity turned her experience as a victim of workplace misconduct into purpose, passion and a profession that works to prevent this happening to others;

  • ​Learn the key diversity and inclusion issues Felicity is committed to addressing, such as the concept of "hiring for cultural fit vs. cultural add";

  • Hear her perspective on recruitment "tokenism" and "hiring to meet a target";

  • ​​Discover what she believes is key to "mindful inclusion" in the workplace.

​Felicity is the author of the book, A World of Difference: Leading in Global Markets with Cultural Intelligence.

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