Investing for Life Podcast – Rear Admiral Lee Goddard CSC

Douglas Isles,

Douglas initially joined Platinum in May 2003 as an investment analyst covering industrials and as primary communicator for advisor presentations. He previously worked for CBA.. More

29 Jun 2022

"The most terrifying things at sea are when the thing you predicted might happen, actually happens."
This episode of the Investing for Life podcast explores the remarkable career, service and life journey of Rear Admiral Lee Goddard CSC. As someone who has spent his life facing into uncertainty, setbacks and challenges, Lee shares several stories with our host, Douglas Isles, about what happens when you have no other option but to face up to your worst fears.

After 34 years in the Royal Australian Navy responding to life-threatening situations like people smuggling and refugees lost at sea, Lee has learned a lot about leadership, decision making and resilience, and has now transferred those skills beyond defence. He explores what inspired this change, and shares what life is like today, through his work with AUKUS, the Minderoo Foundation, and as Chair of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.
This is a fascinating discussion that tackles disconnection from family, keeping an open mind, and how the way you respond to major challenges defines your character and leadership qualities. In Lee’s words: “I think what I would be most proud as a leader, is if people remember how I achieved things, rather than what I achieved – even with my family.”
Listen to this conversation to:

  • Learn about Lee’s origins as ‘a boy from the suburbs’ who joined the Navy as a teenager to escape banality;

  • Discover the many setbacks and challenges he has faced at sea, including the most challenging moments like dealing with people smuggling and refugees lost at sea;

  • Learn his first-hand experience of spending long periods away from family and friends, and how he built resilience;

  • Hear how his experience in recruiting helped him realise first impressions are not always correct (and how that applies in the investing world); and

  • Discover why, after a 30+ year career in the Navy at age 50, Lee made the significant decision to explore a new path.

Investing for Life is hosted by Douglas Isles, Platinum Asset Management.

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