Audio – Remember the Tech Wreck? This is Worse

Julian McCormack,

Julian joined Platinum in 2001 as an investment analyst, but then left in 2002 to travel the world.

Upon returning he spent eight years working in metals and.. More

27 May 2022

In the latest episode of Your Wealth, Investment Specialist Julian McCormack chats with nabtrade’s Gemma Dale on the recent market rout.

In the early 2000s, the tech-heavy Nasdaq index lost almost 77% of its value – and didn’t make another new high for 15 years. Today’s behemoths like Amazon were caught up in the sell-off, and took two decades to recover. Is the recent sell-off in global equities going to repeat history?

In this podcast, Julian shares his thoughts on:

- Why there’s further to go in this downward trend

- How to respond to a bear market

- Where there are pockets of value around the world worth focusing on

- What is driving the market lower 

​- Why it isn’t the end of the world – just the end of the cycle.

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