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  • Are Supercharged Electric Vehicles Signalling the End of Oil?

    By Platinum, 24 Nov 2015

    At Platinum’s 2015 AGM, one thoughtful shareholder asked about Platinum’s view on the oil price and, in particular, how the emergence of electric vehicles (EVs) will impact it. This article seeks to elaborate on the response given by our Managing Director at the AGM and to provide...

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  • A Visit to Zimbabwe

    By Platinum, 27 Oct 2015

    Shingi Muvenge, an employee at Platinum, recently visited Zimbabwe. He is not optimistic about the country’s economic prospects and believes that major political change is needed to rescue the Zimbabwean people from high structural unemployment, excessive government debt and rampant...

  • Sugar Addiction – Breaking the Cycle

    By Platinum, 10 Sep 2015

    Most of us have an addiction to sweet-tasting dopamine-producing sugary treats. But the trend of rising sugar consumption is rendered unsustainable by the rising rate of ‘diabesity’. We explore in this paper the bittersweet mix of health and socioeconomic issues as well as...

  • An Unusual Couple of Centuries

    Julian McCormack,

    Julian joined Platinum in 2001 initially as an investment analyst. After trying his hand at stock-picking for a year, his wanderlust took over and he quit his job to travel.. More

    09 Sep 2015

    The dominance of the West over the last couple of centuries makes the rise of China and India in the last couple of decades feel somewhat unnatural. However, if one casts one’s eyes further back in time, it should perhaps be no surprise that for much of recorded history the largest...

  • A Fearful Sell-off Indeed. Why and What to Do?

    Kerr Neilson,

    Kerr, with the help of Andrew Clifford, founded Platinum in 1994 with a view to making money for investors. The emphasis was on continuing the successful investment approach.. More

    25 Aug 2015

    The recent sell-off shows the fear in the markets which relates to a poorer growth outlook for the world in general and a subsequent downward repricing of shares worldwide. But has the prospect of slow growth already been fairly discounted in share prices? And how should one position one&rsquo...

  • Chinese Market Update - August 2015

    Dr Joseph Lai,

    It has been many years since Joe last held a stethoscope and examined patients in a hospital, but what his early experience as a medical doctor left him with is a strong sense.. More

    21 Aug 2015

    Chinese authorities face some difficult decisions balancing competing policy objectives around the Chinese currency. Supporting the strength of the Renminbi to prevent capital outflow may erode export competitiveness and interfere with monetary policy. But then, the China story has never been...