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  • Macro Overview - December 2020

    Andrew Clifford,

    Andrew co-founded Platinum in 1994 as the Deputy Chief Investment Officer, having worked alongside Kerr Neilson for several years at Bankers Trust and perfecting the craft of.. More

    14 Jan 2021

    Regulation, Rates and Inflation - Risks to Watch in 2021?

    While stock markets continued their strong run over the last quarter, from early November it was notable that many companies with economically sensitive (cyclical) businesses experienced strong stock...

  • Video - Sector Convergence Empowering Consumers & Healthcare

    From electronic devices to digital surgery, e-scripts and buying used cars online delivered right to your door, technology has been the great enabler of all aspects of our life. In this panel discussion, portfolio managers Dr Bianca Ogden, James Halse and Cameron Robertson discuss how the...

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  • COVID Shakes up the UK Grocery Landscape

    James Foreman,

    James joined Platinum as an investment analyst in the consumer team in 2019. Prior to this, James was at Columbia Threadneedle Investments in London from 2012 where he started as.. More

    17 Dec 2020

    The UK grocery retail market is highly competitive and dominated by the ‘big four’ incumbent hypermarket/supermarket operators: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda with a 68% market share at the end of 2019. Over the last 10 years, these players have faced challenges, as...

  • Video - Tapping into Pockets of Neglect in Europe

    04 Dec 2020

    Does the surge in coronavirus infections in Europe warrant a more defensive strategy? Not necessarily. Portfolio manager, Nik Dvornak sheds light on why taking a three-year plus view on Europe can present patient investors with opportunities, including many high-innovation companies in global...

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  • Market Update: 3 December 2020

    Clay Smolinski,

    Graduating as dux of Finance from university and a brief stint as an accountant at Grant Thornton gave Clay the grounding to deconstruct financial statements. Having started.. More

    03 Dec 2020

    As the end of a turbulent 2020 nears, this update is an explanation of how and why the flagship global equity portfolio is currently positioned as it is.

  • Legacy Automakers Rising to the Emissions Challenge

    Nick Markiewicz,

    Nick joined Platinum in 2017 as an investment analyst in the consumer sector team. Nick previously worked for Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse where he was a lead analyst.. More

    25 Nov 2020

    In Australia, plug-in electric cars account for just 0.6% of new vehicle sales.[1] This likely reflects a combination of negligible government subsidies and lax vehicle emission standards, which give both consumers and producers...

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