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Investment Analysts

The focus of the investment team at Platinum is to unearth undervalued shares from among the thousands of companies that are listed on stock markets around the world.  Fundamental to our investment approach is the idea that the stock market hands out no gifts, so in order to identify mispriced shares it is critical that an analyst develops a solid understanding of the businesses he or she examines.  Given the diversity of industries and locations under consideration, a strong desire to appreciate the intricacies of the way different businesses work is a common trait of members of the investment team.

Ideally you will have five years plus experience as a stock analyst and be ready to take on the dynamic opportunity of identifying International investments.  Candidates that have had real world industry experience will be highly regarded.

If you wish to be considered for an investment analyst role please write or Email us an introductory letter explaining your motivations, interests and suitability.

Positions currently available? Yes