Investing in overseas managed funds?

Investing in overseas managed funds?


Platinum Asset Management is an Australian based fund manager which specialises in investing in international equities. 

Since it's inception in April 1995 Platinum's Flagship the Platinum International Fund has returned 12.5% per annum to 30 April 2016.

Platinum was created with the main focus of making clients money, rather than gathering funds under management.

We believe the big missed opportunity for Australian investors tends to be overseas shares. 

  • We offer global portfolios in addition to regional and industry specific funds.
  • We look for out of favour, undervalued companies around the globe.
  • We believe that great companies do not necessarily make great investments if the price you pay is too high.
  • We know how to invest, and we continually remind ourselves that the market is driven by fashion, fear & greed. This is where we seek opportunities.
  • We seek investment professionals who have real world experience.
  • Key members of the management team have equity in our business.
  • We emphasise success fees and total revenues.
  • We limit the number of individual accounts.