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Platinum DNA

Platinum is an Australia-based investment manager that focuses on one asset class – international shares from around the world.

Our team

Access to a manager with a proven investment philosophy and method and a team of experienced investment professionals.

Our method

We seek out companies whose true worth and prospects are yet to be fully recognised by the market.

Platinum’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Andrew Clifford provides an overview of Platinum's investment approach from an analyst's perspective and the challenges that value investors routinely face.

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Our flagship fund


A$20,000 invested in the Platinum International Fund in 1995 would now be worth A$335,816 1, 2

A truly diversified portfolio of companies from around the world and across industry sectors, the fund offers investors exposure to undervalued businesses in both developed and emerging markets.



Portfolio inception date


P.A. +

Compound return
since inception



Portfolio size

The benefits of investing in the Platinum International Fund

Annual distribution of fund income to investors
Minimum investment A$10,000 (or A$5,000 under a regular investment plan)
Unit prices determined by the fund’s NAV, not investor sentiment
Objectives & strategy
Fund objective

To provide capital growth over the long-term by investing in undervalued companies from around the world.

Fund strategy

The Fund primarily invests in listed securities. The Portfolio will ideally consist of 70 to 140 securities that Platinum believes to be undervalued by the market. Cash may be held when undervalued securities cannot be found.

Frequently ask questions

Why should I invest with Platinum?

As an independent fund manager, co-owned by members of the staff, we manage your money (and ours) to create wealth. We attempt to achieve systematic absolute returns; in the past our long-term returns have been better than most world-wide, but the future will tell... Platinum has an independent and different style of investment management, which is driven by a thematic stock picking approach. The disposition of a fund’s assets is determined largely by the availability of companies regarded as undervalued by Platinum, rather than by macro-economic modelling (so-called “top down” asset allocation) or by reference to recognised share index weightings (so-called “benchmarking”).
Platinum’s products can be used as stand-alone investment options for international exposure or may be used to complement the investment styles of other managers. Find out more about Platinum’s approach to investing here.

When should I invest?

Like starting a business, there is "always a better time". The real questions are how you identify it and when you get started.

How long has Platinum been managing money?

Platinum was founded in 1994 and launched its first funds in June 1994. Three of the founding members of the investment team continue to serve clients by investing. Members of the investment team have on average been with the firm for more than six years while the ten portfolio managers’ average tenure with the firm is 14 years (current as of 30 June 2018). Find out more about the team here.

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