Our Funds

Our Funds

Platinum Asset Management is a manager specialising in international equities.  Platinum’s product range consists of global, regional and sector products for investment as well as a global listed investment company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).  Platinum also manages various institutional mandates that invest primarily in global equities.

Platinum’s products:

  • Utilise a bottom-up, stock selection methodology.
  • Seek absolute returns and not returns relative to any index.
  • Utilise short selling of shares and indices (depending on mandate).  
  • May be invested in cash when undervalued stocks cannot be found.
  • Actively manage currency (depending on mandate).
Platinum Trust Funds

These Funds are unit trusts and primarily comprise investments in global, regional or sector, equities.

Platinum Global Fund - ASX 'mFund'

Platinum Global Fund is part of the mFund Settlement Service (“mFund”) offered by the ASX. mFunds are unlisted managed funds you can invest in through your broker and the ASX. You can also invest directly by completing an Application Form attached to a current Product Disclosure Statement.

Platinum World Portfolios plc (UCITS)

Platinum World Portfolios plc (PWP) is an Irish domiciled Undertaking for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS). It is an umbrella fund with segregated liability between sub-funds, established as an open-ended, variable capital investment company.

PWP is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to offer the following sub-funds: 

Platinum World Portfolios – International Fund
Platinum World Portfolios – Asia Fund
Platinum World Portfolios – Japan Fund

MLC Platinum Global Fund

MLC Platinum Global Fund is closed to new investors i.e. only open to existing investors as at 30 June 2005.  This Fund is a unit trust that primarily invests in global equities.  The Fund is a joint venture with MLC Investment Management; Platinum Investment Management Limited is the investment manager and MLC maintains the client service for this product. 

Platinum Capital Limited - ASX:PMC

Platinum Capital Limited is a listed investment company on the ASX.  The company primarily comprises investments in global equities.

Platinum Asia Investments Limited - ASX:PAI

Platinum Asia Investments Limited is a listed investment company on the ASX.  The company primarily comprises investments in Asian equities ex Japan.

Platinum Quoted Managed Funds

There is a new way to access Platinum's global equity investment capabilities. Platinum has launched two new quoted managed funds on the ASX; the Platinum International Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund) (ASX:PIXX) and the Platinum Asia Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund) (ASX:PAXX). PIXX and PAXX are new innovative feeder fund structures for ASX-AQUA managed funds.

PIXX will feed into the existing $10 billion unlisted Platinum International Fund that has a 22 year track record.

PAXX will feed into the existing $4 billion unlisted Platinum Asia Fund that has a 14 year track record.

Optima Funds

These Funds are Bermudian based and are denominated in US dollars.  The Funds primarily comprise investments in either global or Japanese/Korean equities for the respective Funds.