Our Team

Our Team

Platinum’s investment team consists of 29 members.  The team includes:

  • 11 portfolio managers (global, regional and sector i.e. a manager/s for each Platinum Trust Fund – International, Unhedged, Asia, European, Japan, International Brands, International Healthcare and International Technology Funds)
  • 13 investment analysts (regional and sector coverage)
  • 2 quantitative analysts
  • 3 dealers and strategists

All portfolio managers have stock research responsibilities, that is, they are also analysts.  As the portfolio manager, they have responsibility for a Fund’s portfolio construction.

The Chief Investment Officer (CIO) is a portfolio manager and ensures the implementation of the investment strategy and process across the entire investment team via the other portfolio managers.

The major sectors/regions covered within the investment team are:

  • Resources and Industrial Services
  • Technology and Communications
  • Financials and Services
  • Consumer
  • Healthcare
  • Asia
  • Japan
  • Dealing and Quant
Portfolio Management Team
Kerr Neilson, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Kerr Neilson BCom (UCT)

Kerr Neilson has over 40 years of experience in financial markets both in broking and funds management.  This has involved a stint in London, followed by managing the research department for a stockbroker in South Africa.  Upon migrating to Australia he joined Bankers Trust, where he made important contributions to the development of that company's highly successful retail funds management division.

Kerr left Bankers Trust Australia as an Executive Vice President to form Platinum Asset Management in February 1994.  In addition to managing Platinum’s global mandates, Kerr held the position of Chief Investment Officer until May 2013.  Kerr remains Chief Executive Officer and as portfolio manager for the global mandates at Platinum and is the principal shareholder.

Andrew Clifford, Chief Investment Officer
Andrew Clifford BCom Hons (UNSW), Dip. SIA

Andrew joined Platinum Asset Management as a founding member in 1994 in the capacity of director and Deputy Chief Investment Officer.  Previously he was a Vice President of Bankers Trust Australia covering Asian equities and managing the BT Select Market Trust - Pacific Basin Fund.

In May 2013, Andrew was appointed Chief Investment Officer.  Andrew was manager for the Platinum Asia Fund from inception of the Fund in 2003 until December 2014 and is co-manager of the Platinum International Fund.  

Joseph Lai, Portfolio Manager
Joseph Lai MBBS (Sydney), MBA (AGSM), CFA

Joe joined Platinum in April 2004 having previously worked for Morgan Stanley in their Equities Research Department, with key responsibilities in Health Care and Technology sectors.  Prior to this, he worked as a medical doctor in a number of Sydney teaching hospitals for two years.  After starting at Platinum Joseph worked on Greater China equities and was co-manager of the Asia Fund since 2011. Joe now manages the Platinum Asia Fund.

Clay Smolinski, Portfolio Manager
Clay Smolinski BCom (Murdoch University)

Clay joined Platinum in January 2006 having worked as an accountant for Grant Thornton.  Clay joined as an analyst with responsibility for the services sector and worked under the supervision of Toby Harrop, the European fund manager.  Following the departure of Toby in May 2009, Clay assumed responsibility as the portfolio manager of the Platinum European Fund.  Clay is also the sector leader for financials and services.  In June 2014, Clay became portfolio manager of the Platinum Unhedged Fund and remained co-manager of the Platinum European Fund until February 2017 when he became co-manager of the Platinum International Fund (10%).

Nikola Dvornak, Portfolio Manager
Nikola Dvornak MCom Hons (Melb), BCom Hons (Auckland)

Nik joined Platinum’s investment team in October 2006 as an analyst.  Previously Nik held a variety of quantitative and economic analyst roles at APRA, Commonwealth Securities, Reserve Bank of Australia and Lateral Economics.  At Platinum, Nik is an analyst within the financials and services sector.  In June 2014, Nik became co-manager of the Platinum European Fund (50%) and took on full responsibility for the European Fund from February 2017.

Scott Gilchrist, Portfolio Manager
Scott Gilchrist BEng Hons (UQld), MSc (Dist) DIC

Scott initially joined Platinum in March 2001, after working in the engineering and mining industries in consultancy, construction and operations including several significant project management assignments.  He lived and worked in numerous countries around the world including Indonesia, Jamaica and England.  Scott left Platinum in July 2007 and re-joined Platinum in July 2010.  In December 2014, Scott became the portfolio manager of the Platinum Japan Fund.

Bianca Ogden, Portfolio Manager
Dr Bianca Ogden MBio (Tuebingen), PhD (University College London)

Bianca joined Platinum in July 2003 having previously worked as a scientist for Johnson & Johnson Research as well as for Novartis in Switzerland.  At Johnson & Johnson her major focus was target identification and validation in the area of oncology.  During her post-graduate and undergraduate studies Bianca concentrated on molecular aspects of viral diseases, such as AIDS.  Bianca manages the Platinum International Health Care Fund and has responsibility for the healthcare sector.

Alex Barbi, Portfolio Manager
Alex Barbi BBus Adm Hons (Milan), GradDipAppFinInv (SIA)

Alex joined Platinum in August 1998.  He came to Australia in 1995 and initially worked as a manager for Coopers & Lybrand - Corporate Finance.  Previously he worked in corporate finance and funds management in Europe, having started his professional career as an investment analyst at Instituto Mobiliare Italiano.  Alex managed Platinum’s International Technology Fund since 2003 and oversees the technology and communications sector team.  Alex now co-manages the Technology Fund.

James Halse, Portfolio Manager
James Halse BA/LLB Hons, LLM Hons (Auckland), CFA

James joined Platinum in 2011 having previously worked at CP2 (formerly Capital Partners) as an equities analyst and for Deloittes in New Zealand as a tax consultant.  James worked within the consumer sector team at Platinum before becoming manager of the Platinum International Brands Fund in February 2017. James is the sector leader of the consumer team.

Cameron Robertson, Portfolio Manager
Cameron Robertson BSc Hons (USYD), CFA, MAppFin

Cameron joined Platinum in November 2010.  Previously he worked as an equities analyst for CP2 (formerly Capital Partners).  After starting with Platinum, Cameron worked within the resources and industrial sector, and from November 2014 within the technology and communication sector. In February 2017 Cameron became co-manager of the Platinum International Technology Fund.

Client Team
Liz Norman, Director Communications and Investor Services
Liz Norman BA (Canberra), Graduate Diploma Financial Planning (SIA)

Liz joined Platinum in February 1994 in the role of Investor Services and Communications Manager.  Previously she worked at Bankers Trust Australia in new product development and within the retail funds management team.  Liz’s role as Director of Communications and Investor Services reflects the widening of Platinum’s client base and the company’s greater commitment to supporting retail and institutional clients with dedicated investment specialists.

Douglas Isles, Investment Specialist
Douglas Isles MA (Cantab) FFA

Douglas initially joined Platinum in May 2003 as an investment analyst covering aerospace and defence and as primary communicator for advisory/client presentations.  He previously worked for CBA as a product actuary and prior to this as an investment manager for Aegon Asset Management in the UK.  Douglas left Platinum in October 2008 to work in Singapore where he developed Standard Chartered Bank’s equities broking business.  Having re-joined Platinum in February 2013, Douglas role is as investment specialist and intermediary between the investment team and the retail advisory network.

Charles Brooks, Investment Specialist
Charles Brooks BA Hons (Manchester), M AppFin (Macquarie)

Charles joined Platinum in June 2014 in the role of Investment Specialist.  Charles previously worked in investment specialist roles at IFM Investors and Northward Capital / nabInvest, and as an investment analyst at MLC Investment Management and United Funds Management.  Prior to coming to Sydney, Charles worked for Morgan Grenfell Asset Management in London.  Charles role is as intermediary between the investment team and institutional clients / asset consultants.

Julian McCormack, Investment Specialist
Julian McCormack BEco Hons1 (Syd), M AppFin (Macquarie)

Julian initially joined Platinum in April 2001 as an investment analyst.  Julian left Platinum in May 2002 to travel and went on to hold positions in equities research and investment banking at Credit Suisse for 8 years. He subsequently founded two private companies and has been an adviser to several companies.  Julian re-joined Platinum in October 2014 as investment specialist and intermediary between the investment team and the retail advisory network.

Dean McLelland, Investment Specialist
Dean McLelland BCom (UNSW), GradDip AppFin (FINSIA), CFA

Dean initially joined Platinum in February 2005, initially in the investor services team, then later moving to an analyst role looking at Japanese equities and was involved in the implementation of currency strategy.  He previously worked for ING Australia working in the Human Resources Group specialising in organisational systems and remuneration/benefits.  Having re-joined Platinum in February 2016, Dean’s role is as investment specialist and intermediary between the investment team and the retail advisory network.

Business Management Team
Andrew Stannard, Finance Director
Andrew Stannard BMgt Hons (Waikato), Grad Dip Applied Finance & Investment (SIA), CA

Finance Director since August 2015. Mr Stannard joined Platinum from AllianceBernstein where he held the position of Chief Financial Officer for the Asia-Pacific region. Mr Stannard has 25 years of finance experience with expertise in audit, financial control, operations, funds management, financial services regulation and corporate governance. He is a Chartered Accountant.

Joanne Jefferies, General Counsel and Group Company Secretary
Joanne Jefferies – B.Com, LLB - University of Natal

Joanne joined Platinum in October 2016 having spent the last six years at BNP Paribas Securities Services where she served as Head of Legal Asia Pacific, Company Secretary for all Australian subsidiaries and was a member of the Asia Pacific Executive Committee. Joanne has over 21 years’ legal experience working in the banking and funds management sectors, 11 years of which were spent working in London. Joanne has also held senior legal positions with Russell Investments, Aviva Investors and Lord Abbett, and served as the General Counsel for the UK’s funds management trade association, the Investment Association. 

Matt Githens, Chief Compliance Officer
Matt Githens BCom (Wollongong), CA

Matt joined Platinum in November 2015 as Chief Compliance Officer having worked previously for Macquarie Group as the Head of Compliance for the Macquarie Asset Management division and prior to this at KPMG within their Risk Advisory practice.

Michael Jones, Unit Registry Manager
Michael Jones BSc (Macquarie)

Michael joined Platinum in March 2002 in the capacity of Unit Registry Manager.  Michael previously worked at Goldman Sachs International, London as operations analyst on the dealing desk/shareholder services.

Mark Aggarwal, Finance Manager
Mark Aggarwal BCom, LLB (ANU), CA

Mark joined Platinum in October 2004 as Platinum’s Finance Manager.  Previously he worked in the roles of Business Services Manager for Pritchard Adams, Indirect Tax Senior Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers and as a Tax Consultant at KPMG.

Robert Sidoti, Operations Manager
Robert Sidoti BCom (Accounting & Finance) (UWS), CA

Robert joined Platinum in April 2006 as a Corporate Accountant before taking on the role of Operations Manager in 2011.  Previously, Robert held positions of Financial Accountant at Aussie Home Loans and Business Services Supervisor at PKF Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers. 

Paul Frampton, Portfolio Accounting Manager
Paul Frampton Diploma Financial Markets (SIA)

Paul joined Platinum in January 2001 in the role of Portfolio Accounting Manager.  Paul was previously at Barclays Global Investors as an Investment Operations Analyst. 

Andy Kirwan, Head of Technology
Andy Kirwan BSc Hons (London)

Andy joined Platinum in August 2013 in the capacity of Head of Technology.  Andy previously worked at IAG Asset Management as head of IT and held varying roles at RBC Dexia Investor Services and Datastream International (London).