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Platinum Asset Management

Morningstar Australian Fund Manager of the Year 2018.

Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year: International Equities Category Australia 2018


A$20,000 invested in the Platinum International Fund in 1995 would now be worth A$324,855 1, 2

Reflections on investing

Ever found yourself misjudging someone on first impressions?

Stocks are the same – take a careful look before you leap to a conclusion.

One of Australia’s most trusted managers of international equities

Why invest in international equities

Why invest in international equities

Reasons to invest with Platinum

Reasons to invest with Platinum

Be an instinctively better investor

Be an instinctively better investor

"When you buy a stock, you become part-owner of a living organism. ‘Your’ company is a team of people with certain leadership, values, energy and personality. You need to understand what makes it tick, rather than focus on numbers alone."

Kerr Neilson

Founder & Director, Platinum Asset Management

"The significance of initial valuation to total return should not be underplayed. A higher valuation at the time of investment not only reduces the initial earnings and dividend yield the investor receives, but also reduces the margin of safety. The higher the starting valuation, the greater the risk that a downward ‘re-rating’ will overwhelm the company’s growth in earnings."

Andrew Clifford

Co-Founder, CEO & CIO, Platinum Asset Management

"The market is driven by fashion, fear and greed. These are deeply etched aspects of the human psyche and we try to control our own and exploit others'."

Kerr Neilson

Founder & Director, Platinum Asset Management

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Fintechs vs Banks

By Philip Ingram,

Why Fintechs Find Gobbling-up Banks’ Customers Harder than Nibbling at them

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Video - Interview with Kerr Neilson

By Kerr Neilson, 18 Sep 2018

​Platinum's Investment Specialist Julian McCormack interviews founder Kerr Neilson and asks what advice he would give to somebody looking to invest in stocks for the first time. Plus Kerr provides an update on where he sees value in today's markets.

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