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European Strategy


Invest in European Gems

Europe is not the old world. It’s the best of both worlds. Invest in Europe today and you could be buying into Swiss pharma, Norwegian biotech, French luxury brands - or a piece of the world’s most advanced chip technology company.

But an investment in Europe today can also be an investment in Eastern Europe – a rapidly-growing region of nearly 300 million people that provides a whole range of new business opportunities – from Romanian banks to Polish retail. Platinum’s 25-year history in these markets means we can create a European portfolio that captures the strengths of Western Europe and the growth potential of Eastern Europe.


Why Choose a European Strategy to Invest?

Why Choose a European Strategy to Invest?

Proven Track Record

Delivering strong absolute returns since 1998*

Why Choose a European Strategy to Invest?


Outperforming benchmark since inception* through fundamentals-driven stock selection

Why Choose a European Strategy to Invest?


A carefully curated portfolio of companies across Europe

Ready to Invest with Platinum?

Platinum offers a wide range of global, sector and regional products.  Each of these can be accessed in a way that suits each individual investor be that active ETFs. managed funds or listed investment companies.

*Fund returns are annualised, are calculated using the net asset value per unit (which does not include the buy/sell spread) of C Class of the fund, and represent the combined income and capital returns of C Class over the period from its inception date (30 June 1998) to 31 May 2024. Returns are net of accrued fees and costs, are pre-tax, and assume the reinvestment of distributions. Relative returns are relative to the MSCI All Country Europe Net Index (A$) (except the gross index was used prior to 31 December 1998 as the net index did not exist then). The investment returns shown are historical and no warranty can be given for future performance. Historical performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Source: Platinum Investment Management Limited.

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