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3 min read | 12 Mar 2024

Fear of Running Out

Uranium buyers are worried about supply. That could be good news for investors.

5 min read | 27 Feb 2024

Toyota: How the hybrid engine regeared the investment case

Last year 9 million people bought a Toyota. Here’s why Platinum bought more of the company.

5 min read | 16 Feb 2024

China: Why stay the course?

Chinese shares have slumped – but now look like good value. Here’s why…

read | 23 Jan 2024

Not macro, but still big

Investors spend lots of energy worrying about macroeconomic issues like interest rates, growth...

10 min read | 22 Dec 2023

Why investing in the energy transition is not just about renewables

The energy transition designed to decarbonise the world is well underway but it’s becoming...

7 min read | 15 Dec 2023

Japan’s reform. New dawn or same old story?

The recent strength of the Japanese sharemarket has got a new generation of investors asking

10 min read | 25 Jul 2023

How Japan Regained Its Mojo

The Japanese stock market is booming in 2023, up 21% for the year to date, outperform...

read | 22 Jun 2023

The Times are Changing

The economic environment has changed significantly over the past 18 months. We have gone from...

read | 28 Apr 2023

Vietnam: A Beneficiary of Foreign Investment, Urbanisation and a Growing Middle Class

Members of Platinum’s Asia team recently travelled to Vietnam, visiting companies that we already...

read | 20 Apr 2023

Quarterly Report for the Platinum Trust Funds

The March quarterly report for the Platinum Trust Funds is now available and can be accessed here...

read | 10 Mar 2023

Why Today's Headwinds Have Accelerated a Multi-Generational Shift

The energy transition is rapidly accelerating. Portfolio managers Jodie Bannan and Liam Farlow...