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watch | 24 Apr 2024

TSMC – indispensable to the AI revolution?

TSMC is pivotal to the AI revolution. Here’s how we invest in it.

watch | 9 Apr 2024

Video – The lure of large numbers

The Platinum team look at some high-quality companies growing their businesses in huge markets

watch | 29 Aug 2023

Video – Platinum’s Back on the Road

Our investment team is back on the road, meeting with companies and visiting factories, tech hubs...

watch | 17 Aug 2023

Video - Energy Utilities Leading Disruption in Carbon Transition

The energy utilities sector is facing enormous challenges over the coming decades as we undertake...

watch | 16 Aug 2023

Video - Psychology Provides the Edge When Navigating Uncharted Waters

Buying travel stocks during the worldwide lockdown was undoubtedly uncomfortable, but often the...

watch | 11 Aug 2023

Video - Finding Opportunities Where Others Fear to Tread

Buying a company that sells credit data to banks may seem counterintuitive when fears of a...

watch | 30 May 2023

Video – Three Lessons from the US Banking Crisis

Adrian Cotiga chats with Henry Polkinghorne about the key drivers behind the US banking crisis...

watch | 26 May 2023

Video – Finding Value in the Much-Hyped AI Space

Artificial intelligence has certainly captured everyone’s attention of late. While there has been...

watch | 25 May 2023

Video – Exciting Times for Japanese Equities

The Japanese equity market has rallied strongly in recent weeks, edging ever closer to its 1989...

watch | 21 May 2023

Video - Markets in Denial About US Recession

The sharpest increase in US interest rates in 40 years, a shrinking money supply and bank failures..

watch | 3 Apr 2023

Video – 2023 Investor Presentation

Platinum recently held its 2023 investor presentation: “Thinking differently - what the market has..

watch | 3 Mar 2023

Video – A Reality Check for Tech?

After two years of excess and bubble-like valuations, the tech sector suffered a significant...