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5 min read | 16 Feb 2024

China: Why stay the course?

Chinese shares have slumped – but now look like good value. Here’s why…

10 min read | 22 Dec 2023

Why investing in the energy transition is not just about renewables

The energy transition designed to decarbonise the world is well underway but it’s becoming...

7 min read | 15 Dec 2023

Japan’s reform. New dawn or same old story?

The recent strength of the Japanese sharemarket has got a new generation of investors asking

watch | 13 Nov 2023

Funds in Focus: Platinum European Fund

In our final 2023 Funds in Focus adviser webinar, Nik Dvornak, Co-Portfolio Manager for...

listen | 8 Nov 2023

Audio - 30 September 2023 Quarterly Report

An audio recording capturing the highlights of Platinum’s September 2023 Quarterly Report

watch | 31 Oct 2023

Funds in Focus: Platinum International Technology Fund

In our most recent Funds in Focus adviser webinar, the portfolio manager for the Platinum...

listen | 3 Oct 2023

Macro Overview: A Cautious Approach is Warranted, But Opportunities Still Prevail

In late September, Platinum CEO and Co-CIO Andrew Clifford sat down with investment analyst...

watch | 20 Sep 2023

Funds in Focus: Platinum International Fund

In our latest Funds in Focus adviser webinar series, the portfolio managers for the Platinum...

watch | 7 Sep 2023

Funds in Focus: Platinum Asia Fund

In our fifth Funds in Focus adviser webinar series for 2023, two of the portfolio managers for...

watch | 29 Aug 2023

Video – Platinum’s Back on the Road

Our investment team is back on the road, meeting with companies and visiting factories, tech hubs...

watch | 17 Aug 2023

Video - Energy Utilities Leading Disruption in Carbon Transition

The energy utilities sector is facing enormous challenges over the coming decades as we undertake...

watch | 16 Aug 2023

Video - Psychology Provides the Edge When Navigating Uncharted Waters

Buying travel stocks during the worldwide lockdown was undoubtedly uncomfortable, but often the...