Update from Platinum Asset Management

With the latest COVID-19 lockdown, Platinum’s staff are currently working from home. Despite this, Platinum remains fully operational and will continue to process valid transaction requests received in relation to the administration of our managed fund products.  

That said, postal services may face major disruptions and deliveries may not be as per normal service.  Furthermore, as post is currently being redirected from our office, there may be delays in our ability to receive and accept transaction requests and process cheque payments, which are sent to us via post.

We therefore encourage investors to please send instructions by either email (with an attachment) or otherwise by uploading documents via Platinum’s secure client website, and to elect direct debit or EFT as the method to transfer application monies. It is important that you follow-up with a call to investor services (details below) to confirm receipt of any transaction request.

Please note, we can only process a transaction if we have receipted and accepted the associated instruction.

Investor Services:
1300 726 700 (toll-free Australia)
0800 700 726 (toll-free New Zealand)
+61 2 9255 7500 (if calling from overseas)