2018 Roadshow Presentation

Platinum recently completed its capital city investor and adviser roadshow.  Here is a video of the Sydney investor presentation.

To view the slides of the presentation please click here.


Presentation Timeline

 0:00 – 2:40   Introduction – Liz Norman, Director Investor Services and Communications. 
 2:41 – 20:25   Dr Joseph Lai – Portfolio Manager, Platinum Asia Fund explores the case for China.  We believe China is a massive opportunity and very different from how it is portrayed by Western media.
 20:26 – 37:10   Clay Smolinski – Portfolio Manager, Platinum Unhedged Fund and Co-Portfolio Manager, Platinum International Fund takes your through the logic of the case behind electric cars.  He will reveal some of the tangential and less popular ways of capturing this.
 37:11 – 43:27   Video – ‘An Age of Extraordinary Change’.
 43:28 – 1:05:00   Andrew Clifford – co-founder, CIO and incoming CEO spends some time reinforcing how Platinum thinks about investing; this is the core of what we do and the enduring feature of our organisation.
 1:05:01 – 1:24:42   Q&A – Kerr Neilson, Andrew Clifford, Clay Smolinski and Joe Lai.

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