Cohesion with Ben Darwin (Video)

Former Wallaby Player & Founder of Gain Line,
24 Oct 2017

Earlier this year we introduced Ben Darwin’s insightful work on how relationships within teams (‘cohesion’) are important drivers of success or failure, and often overlooked in most conventional analysis which tends to study talent and leadership.

Last week we hosted three adviser lunches with Ben in Melbourne (MCG), Brisbane (Suncorp Stadium) and Sydney (SCG).  Attendees were enthralled by Ben’s observations and examples from a range of sporting and other avenues. The application to building teams and to understanding why change is often the enemy of success, is vital for business leaders, analysts and fund selectors. It also helps team members derive a sense of why things may be harder than they should be!

This video explores Ben’s work in some detail, highlighting the key discoveries from his research, illustrated with real examples from various sporting codes around the world.  The video also briefly introduces the study Ben carried out on Platinum’s team this year. We think it merits 20 minutes of your time to gain from this novel way of looking at ‘cohesion’.


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