The Rise & Rise of Technology

Alessandro Barbi,

Alex is an industry veteran and a long-time member of the Platinum team. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.. More

27 Aug 2018

Fund Manager of the Platinum International Technology Fund Alessandro Barbi, is interviewed by Gemma Dale Director, SMSF and Investor Behaviour at NAB Trade. 

NAB's Gemma Dale speaks to Alessandro Barbi, Portfolio Manager of the Platinum International Technology Fund, which has focussed purely on global technology opportunities since its inception in 2000. Over the ensuing 18 years, Alex has experienced the ups and downs of a rapidly developing market, and shares his insights regarding:

  • The key trends that have driven the rise of technological dominance for both industry and consumers,
  • Specific mega-caps and smaller tech companies that he believes still offer upside,
  • The outlook for the FANG stocks, including saturation and regulatory risk, and
  • How to break down the technology sector to find value and invest for the long term.

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