Video - Andrew Clifford interview with Livewire

Andrew Clifford,

Andrew co-founded Platinum in 1994 as the Deputy Chief Investment Officer, having worked alongside Kerr for several years at Bankers Trust and perfecting the craft of.. More

05 Nov 2018

Andrew Clifford takes you inside the investment process at Platinum and applies it to the challenges of today’s volatile environment.


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Topics discussed:

  • Investing at Bankers Trust with Kerr Neilson and why it proved to be a breeding ground for many great fund managers.

  • Learning from ‘great dramas’ in the 1980s and 1990s and that fear in markets often means it is time to be buying.

  • The decision to set up Platinum Asset Management and holding the line when markets moved against the funds.

  • Understanding the powerful behavioural biases that test your conviction when stock positions and performance are not working in your favour.

  • What Andrew believes is the investment opportunity of a generation and what it would take to change his mind on this view.

  • Where he believes the best long and short opportunities exist today in equity markets.

  • A very good statistic that highlights just how few companies can deliver high growth rates for extended periods of time.

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