Determinants of Group Performance (Video)

Former Wallaby player & founder of Gain Line,
08 Jun 2017

What are the most important factors that determine effective team performance? Ben Darwin, an ex-elite sportsman and coach, analyses Platinum's investment team structure and the core determinants of the performance of a group.

Many of you will know the book or film, ‘Moneyball’.   Essentially it is about applying statistical methods to select sportsmen and sportswomen, as opposed to the old way of relying on hunches and intuition.

At Platinum, we use quantitative methods as part of our stock selection process. It is so easy to be swayed by feelings rather than testing the base line statistics when building a portfolio. May we suggest that you face the same dangers when making decisions about fund managers.

To address this we have prepared a video presented by Ben Darwin. Ben, who was an elite sportsman and coach, has developed a statistical method to assess the cohesion of teams. He believes vehemently that performance of any group ultimately depends on team cohesion.

This is relevant to Platinum as we started on a journey over five years ago to re-organise the investment team into smaller specialist groups. As you will see from this video, work begun in 2012 is now showing through. The performance of our individual funds attests to its efficacy.