Platinum is a service-oriented business, and our people are our most important asset. That is why we focus equally on attracting the best talent and providing an inclusive and supportive work environment to help our staff develop their careers.

Platinum actively promotes a culture of equal opportunity and adheres to the principles of meritocracy (based on contribution to the firm’s overall success), fairness and equality at all levels within the company. We value the blend of skills, perspectives and personal characteristics that comes with a diverse workforce and recognise that such diversity has contributed to our business success.

For the right candidates, Platinum offers challenging and fulfilling work, a supportive team where you can learn from among the best, and competitive remuneration that rewards performance and contribution. We also help our staff through further education support and flexible work arrangements. Read more about Platinum’s approach to promote workplace diversity and flexibility here.

Please view the following short video from some members of Platinum’s investment team and their thoughts on working at Platinum.


A successful career in investing can be highly rewarding, both intellectually and financially. But becoming a good investor is unglamorous hard work. Strong analytical skills and proficiency with quantitative tools are a starting point, but, above all, having the right mindset is key to learning ‘The Platinum Way’.

We value diversity of background and experience, because contrarian thinking and diversity of skills and perspectives are what make us successful investors. A degree in finance and prior work experience in the investing industry are not prerequisites. But if you can demonstrate an ability to think independently and critically, an insatiable curiosity that digs deep into how things truly work, and a mental fortitude that can withstand the vicissitudes of markets, Platinum may be the right place for you.

Platinum’s Corporate Values


Investment Analysts

Platinum runs regular recruitment programs for new investment analysts to join our investment team. Candidates need not have a financial industry background, STEM backgrounds are actively encouraged to apply, and will be considered along with those who have experience on either the buy- or sell-side.

Ideally, candidates will have at least 2 to 5 years’ experience in the work force. University students nearing the completion of their degree should consider the Internship Program below.

The focus of Platinum’s investment team is to unearth undervalued shares from among the thousands of companies that are listed on stock markets around the world. Fundamental to our investment approach is the idea that the stock market hands out no gifts, so in order to identify mispriced shares it is critical that an analyst develops a deep understanding of the businesses they're examining. Given the diversity of industries and locations our team considers, a desire to appreciate the intricacies of the way businesses operate is essential.

What will set you apart from others is your passions in life, curiosity for the markets and natural inclination to understand how things work. Your commitment and character will be demonstrated through your additional interests, experiences and responsibilities all of which have contributed to your tenacity and resilience.
We value diversity of thought and seek betterment every day to improve.

If you wish to be considered for an investment analyst role, please email an introductory letter and your CV to Platinum explaining why you would be a successful investment analyst.

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We are not currently recruiting for the position of dealer/trader.

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Quantitative Analysts

This a very much an evidence-based and high-conviction environment where you’ll be expected, as a bare minimum, to be proactive when delivering evidence and self-critical investment analysis. This means that your involvement in the investment committees, daily morning meetings and the many other meetings and information sharing opportunities is essential. You must also show judgement and be economical with your time and balance how you digest huge amounts of qualitative and quantitative information.

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Investment Team Internship Program

We run an 8 week full time paid internship each December-January. Successful candidates are partnered with a ‘buddy’ (an investment analyst) in one of our sector teams who will mentor you through the placement.
You will have access to participate in company calls, briefings and meetings. You’ll be seated with and have direct access to the investment team enabling you network and build your knowledge – even test your ideas!
You will be assigned a project whilst be given guidance and support along the way.

The project will include:

- modelling the company;
​- writing a research note; and
- making a recommendation on whether to buy or not the company shares.

You will be given the opportunity to pitch the stock to the key investment decision makers of the team whilst discussing even debating the merits of the investment case.  On offer at the conclusion may be the opportunity to join the Investment team as an Investment Analyst at the completion of your studies.

2023-24 Internship Applications:

We are this year partnering with FutureIM/Pact to uncover exceptional talent for our Internship intake in a more targeted manner – if you are involved in their investing competitions or other industry events we look forward to meeting you there.

We are not sourcing graduate or internship applications directly this year.

To understand more about FutureIM/Pact please check out their website:

No current position available