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The geopolitical tectonic plates are curling and cracking in 2024.

There are shooting wars in Ukraine and Gaza and elections everywhere. Some will be non-events. Others could reshape their region.

So how should investors think about geopolitics and its effect on their portfolios?

In this video Co-CIO Andrew Clifford discusses what he believes is the biggest geopolitical issue of our times. Then talks about the complexity of investing decisions in times of change – and why that change creates opportunity as well as risk.
Disclaimer The above information is commentary only (i.e. our general thoughts). It is not intended to be, nor should it be construed as, investment advice. To the extent permitted by law, no liability is accepted for any loss or damage as a result of any reliance on this information. Before making any investment decision you need to consider (with your financial adviser) your particular investment needs, objectives and circumstances.

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