Audio – 30 June 2022 Quarterly Report

Dean McLelland,

Dean was formerly an investment analyst at Platinum, covering Japanese companies and being involved in the implementation of currency strategy. Prior to that, he had also.. More

04 Aug 2022

An audio recording capturing the highlights of Platinum’s June 2022 Quarterly Report is now available. The recording provides our thoughts on the macroeconomic environment and markets, and portfolio positioning across the Platinum Trust Funds. We also cover a feature article on the paradox of cycles.
You can also view the full Quarterly Report, which includes the Macro Overview by co-CIO Clay Smolinski (available in audio and article format here) and a full recap on all the Platinum Trust Funds, below:
30 June 2022 Quarterly Report

Listen now


Audio timeline:

​- Introduction: 00:00
- Platinum International Fund: 01:04
- Platinum Asia Fund: 09:29
- Platinum Global Fund (Long Only): 20:02
- Platinum European Fund: 26:03
- Platinum Japan Fund: 30:28
- Platinum International Brands Fund: 32:18
- Platinum International Health Care Fund: 37:20
- Platinum International Technology Fund: 43:04
- Feature Article - The Paradox of cycles: 47:31

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