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5 min read | 16 Feb 2024

China: Why stay the course?

Chinese shares have slumped – but now look like good value. Here’s why…

watch | 3 Mar 2023

Video – A Reality Check for Tech?

After two years of excess and bubble-like valuations, the tech sector suffered a significant...

read | 4 Nov 2022

Healthy Investor Scepticism Returning to Markets

As we head into the final months of 2022, it’s worth taking a step back and reviewing the past 10...

watch | 3 Nov 2022

Video - Staying the Course in China

There have been a lot of negative headlines about China recently, covering geopolitical concerns...

read | 3 Aug 2022

A Postcard from NYC: Pets, Pools and Price Increases

The shift in work and home dynamics since the onset of the pandemic has been a boon for consumer...

listen | 13 Jul 2022

Macro Overview: A 'Garden Variety' Correction or Much More?

It’s been another challenging quarter for markets. Co-CIO and portfolio manager Clay Smolinski sat..

watch | 28 Jun 2022

Video – Defensive Stocks Not So Defensive After All?

US consumer stocks have taken a hit this year. Rate rises, geopolitical issues, withdrawal of...

watch | 16 Jun 2022

Market Update: Inflation Takes its Toll on Markets

In this recently recorded webinar, CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford talks with Investment Specialist..

listen | 14 Jan 2022

Audio: Catch-22 for Policymakers in 2022?

CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford sits down with investment specialist Douglas Isles to discuss...

read | 30 Sep 2021

Biotech: Driving Another Decade of Change in Healthcare

COVID-19 has placed the healthcare sector front and centre in all our minds. The development of a...

read | 29 Jun 2021

Diversified Covid Screening Approaches are Paramount

If Australia is to open up its borders, we need to follow Europe’s lead and broaden our approach...

read | 17 Dec 2020

COVID Shakes up the UK Grocery Landscape

The UK grocery retail market is highly competitive and dominated by the ‘big four’ incumbent...