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watch | 24 Aug 2020

Video - Andrew Clifford, CIO Talks Performance and Platinum’s Approach to Investing

In the first of a two-part Q&A series, Andrew Clifford, CIO answers the most commonly-asked...

watch | 13 Aug 2020

Video - Speculative Market in Growth Stocks Gives Cause for Concern

Markets have rebounded strongly from their March lows, despite entering one of the deepest...

watch | 4 Aug 2020

Video – Healthcare: Being Misunderstood can be a Beautiful Thing

Portfolio manager, Dr Bianca Ogden, drills down on two healthcare stocks, an old favourite...

watch | 28 Jul 2020

Video – Tapping into the Rising Asian Consumer Beyond China

When people think of the rising middle-class consumer in Asia, China springs to mind. However...

watch | 22 Jul 2020

Video - Market Dislocation Creates Opportunities

The investment narrative around travel is understandably negative right now, but therein lies the...

watch | 8 Jul 2020

Biotechs: Changing the Future of Health Care

The biotech sector has all the hallmarks of technology but with the health angle to boot...

watch | 22 Apr 2020

In Technology we Trust. Or do we?

The technology sector is facing heavy scrutinisation and the threat of increased regulation...

watch | 21 Apr 2020

Venturing to the Dark Side in Food Delivery

The emergence of ‘dark kitchens’ is the latest ‘disruptor’ in the food delivery sector. Will it...

watch | 31 Mar 2020

Biotechs – Driving Innovation and Evolution in Global Healthcare

Platinum’s founder, Kerr Neilson recently expressed his enthusiasm for the biotech sector...

watch | 19 Mar 2020

Platinum Roadshow - 11 March 2020

Platinum recently completed its 2020 capital city investor and adviser roadshow. Here is a video...

watch | 12 Mar 2020

Market and coronavirus update – 12 March 2020

The current situation is dynamic; markets are responding to a reduction in economic activity brought...

watch | 2 Jan 2020

In Conversation with Platinum’s Founder, Kerr Neilson

Kerr Neilson chats with Douglas Isles on a wide range of topics - the relevancy of behavioural...