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watch | 11 Aug 2023

Video - Finding Opportunities Where Others Fear to Tread

Buying a company that sells credit data to banks may seem counterintuitive when fears of a...

watch | 16 Jun 2022

Market Update: Inflation Takes its Toll on Markets

In this recently recorded webinar, CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford talks with Investment Specialist..

listen | 13 Apr 2022

Macro Overview: Navigating Through Complex Times

CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford sits down with Investment Specialist Julian McCormack to discuss...

watch | 1 Apr 2022

Video – 2022 Investor Presentation

Platinum recently held its 2022 investor presentation: “Beware the crowd – why having a...

watch | 8 Mar 2022

Video - Readying for a Market Leadership Change

Every bubble has two main ingredients: a great idea and easy money. This time, technological...

listen | 14 Jan 2022

Audio: Catch-22 for Policymakers in 2022?

CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford sits down with investment specialist Douglas Isles to discuss...

watch | 16 Dec 2021

Video - Resurging Inflation and the Changing Story of Money

Extraordinary levels of fiscal spending over the last 18 months coupled with central bank lending...

watch | 28 Oct 2021

Webinar - We've Seen This all Before

In August 2021, CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford presented at the BT Principals’ Virtual...

listen | 14 Oct 2021

Audio - Macro Overview

CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford talks with investment specialist Douglas Isles about many of the...

read | 28 Sep 2021

The History of Money and its Role in the Modern World

The global pandemic has forced us to adjust our lives in ways we never imagined or thought...

read | 13 Sep 2021

Market Powers on Despite Uncertain Times

Investment performance is a critical driver of the performance of our business. Over the last 12...

read | 14 Jan 2021

Macro Overview - December 2020

Regulation, Rates and Inflation - Risks to Watch in 2021...