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Curious Investor Behaviour & Investment Fundamentals

An eclectic collection of content on the fundamentals of investing and lessons learnt over the years – with input from those who spend the time analysing the companies through to those who communicate the message of what we do to our clients, the investors and advisers.

In addition, we encourage you to discover our timeless blue and red booklets, ‘Curious Investor Behaviour’ and ‘Reflections on Investment’.  These booklets have been a staple of Platinum’s communications for over 20 years, finding an audience with investors and advisers alike; scribed by Platinum’s founder Kerr Neilson, these take a look at the classic, long term behavioural traits of investing.

Curious Investor Behaviour

Curious Investor Behaviour

Reflections on Investment

Reflections on Investment
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Curious Investor Behaviour
read | 6 Sep 2021

Solving the Retirement Riddle

The risk of running out of money in retirement is one of our greatest investment concerns. While...

Curious Investor Behaviour
read | 9 Jun 2021

No Pain, No Gain

At the core of Platinum’s investment approach is a desire to go against the crowd, as we believe...

Curious Investor Behaviour
read | 12 Jun 2019

Our Own Worst Enemies

How does investor behaviour impact the performance of asset management businesses and how does...

Curious Investor Behaviour
read | 21 Aug 2018

Beware of the Trifecta of Desire

Douglas Isles, Investment Specialist, presented for the second consecutive year at the Portfolio...

Curious Investor Behaviour
read | 3 Jul 2017

'Buy Low Sell High' Sounds Simple, But Investors Need a Framework

Douglas Isles, one of Platinum's Investment Specialists, presents at the Portfolio Construction...

Curious Investor Behaviour
read | 16 Feb 2017

Loss Aversion, 'FoMo', Anxiety and Mistiming

Douglas Isles discusses four common behavioural problems that make the journey of investing...

Curious Investor Behaviour
read | 11 Jan 2017

A Framework for Dealing with Change

Human beings are generally metathesiophobic, i.e. we have an intrinsic fear for change...

Curious Investor Behaviour
read | 20 May 2016

What is on Our Clients’ Minds, and How We Play Tricks on Ourselves

We conducted a survey to find out what was on our clients’ minds. But there was a twist...