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listen | 13 Jul 2022

Macro Overview: A 'Garden Variety' Correction or Much More?

It’s been another challenging quarter for markets. Co-CIO and portfolio manager Clay Smolinski sat..

watch | 28 Jun 2022

Video – Defensive Stocks Not So Defensive After All?

US consumer stocks have taken a hit this year. Rate rises, geopolitical issues, withdrawal of...

watch | 16 Jun 2022

Market Update: Inflation Takes its Toll on Markets

In this recently recorded webinar, CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford talks with Investment Specialist..

listen | 13 Apr 2022

Macro Overview: Navigating Through Complex Times

CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford sits down with Investment Specialist Julian McCormack to discuss...

watch | 7 Apr 2022

Video - Entrepreneurial Spirit Thriving in Asia

Asia is fast becoming a hub of young and impressive businesses run by management teams full of...

watch | 1 Apr 2022

Video – 2022 Investor Presentation

Platinum recently held its 2022 investor presentation: “Beware the crowd – why having a...

watch | 8 Mar 2022

Video - Readying for a Market Leadership Change

Every bubble has two main ingredients: a great idea and easy money. This time, technological...

listen | 14 Jan 2022

Audio: Catch-22 for Policymakers in 2022?

CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford sits down with investment specialist Douglas Isles to discuss...

watch | 2 Dec 2021

Webinar - Platinum Market Update

In this recently recorded webinar, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Andrew..

watch | 28 Oct 2021

Webinar - We've Seen This all Before

In August 2021, CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford presented at the BT Principals’ Virtual...

read | 22 Sep 2021

Market Update: 22 September 2021

Property developer China Evergrande Group is receiving considerable media attention due to its...

watch | 6 Aug 2021

In Focus: China

In this short video, Julian McCormack, Cameron Robertson and Charles Brooks discuss China’s recent..