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10 min read | 22 Dec 2023

Why investing in the energy transition is not just about renewables

The energy transition designed to decarbonise the world is well underway but it’s becoming...

watch | 17 Aug 2023

Video - Energy Utilities Leading Disruption in Carbon Transition

The energy utilities sector is facing enormous challenges over the coming decades as we undertake...

watch | 8 Jun 2023

Funds in Focus: Platinum Global Transition Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund)

In the second of our 2023 Funds in Focus adviser webinar series, portfolio managers Jodie Bannan...

read | 10 Mar 2023

Why Today's Headwinds Have Accelerated a Multi-Generational Shift

The energy transition is rapidly accelerating. Portfolio managers Jodie Bannan and Liam Farlow...

watch | 15 Feb 2023

Video – Platinum Global Transition Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund) Launched Today

Platinum is excited to announce the launch of the Platinum Global Transition Fund (Quoted Managed...

watch | 30 Aug 2022

Video – Batteries Enabling the Energy Transition

The world is embarking on a massive change in the way we produce and consume energy, requiring...

read | 5 May 2022

Investing for a Better Tomorrow

The world economy emits around 50 billion tonnes of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gases (GHGs) every...

read | 15 Nov 2021

Why ‘Negative Screens’ are Bad ESG

In what has been cast as a win for the ESG movement, in August 2021, BHP announced it was selling...

watch | 26 Apr 2021

Video – The Role of Mining in a Decarbonising World

ESG and mining is set to be one of the big stories over the next decade. Investment specialist...