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Innovation and Generational Change Shaping Japan

Scott Gilchrist,

Scott was an engineer by training. Before joining Platinum in 2001, he had held a range of consulting and operational roles in the engineering and mining industries, including.. More

13 Sep 2019

Contrary to popular belief, change is afoot in Japan. Scott Gilchrist, portfolio manager for the Platinum Japan Fund explains how generational, technological and long-awaited corporate governance changes are transforming its...

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  • The Rise of the Consumer and Private Enterprise in China

    Dr Joseph Lai,

    It has been many years since Joe last held a stethoscope and examined patients in a hospital, but what his early experience as a medical doctor left him with is a strong sense.. More

    06 Sep 2019

    China’s rapid adoption of technology and urban population density are key drivers of its astonishing economic transition.  Dr Joseph Lai, portfolio manager for the Platinum Asia Fund discusses where his team is...

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  • The Growing Valuation Divergence Between Growth and Value Stocks

    Clay Smolinski,

    Graduating as dux of Finance from university and a brief stint as an accountant at Grant Thornton gave Clay the grounding to deconstruct financial statements. But it is his.. More

    29 Aug 2019

    Clay Smolinski, co-portfolio manager for the Platinum International Fund and portfolio manager for the Platinum Unhedged Fund explains why there is a growing valuation divergence between growth and value stocks, how Platinum is responding, and why he expects the value-based approach will...

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  • Podcast - Value vs Growth

    Julian McCormack,

    Julian joined Platinum in 2001 as an investment analyst, but then left in 2002 to travel the world.

    Upon returning he spent eight years working in metals and.. More

    13 Aug 2019

    Platinum's Investment Specialist Julian McCormack speaks with nabtrade's Gemma Dale on the huge disparity between the valuations of growth and value stocks.  

  • Audio - 30 June 2019 Quarterly Report

    Douglas Isles,

    An actuary by training, Douglas first joined Platinum in 2003 as an investment analyst, having spent some time at the Commonwealth Bank as a product actuary and, prior to that.. More

    25 Jul 2019

    Here is an audio recording of the highlights of Platinum’s June 2019 Quarterly Report. The podcast provides a macro overview from CEO & CIO Andrew Clifford as well as an update on the positioning of the Platinum International Fund. It also includes Unhedged Fund Manager Clay Smolinski...

  • Macro Overview - June 2019

    Andrew Clifford,

    Andrew co-founded Platinum in 1994 as the Deputy Chief Investment Officer, having worked alongside Kerr for several years at Bankers Trust and perfecting the craft of.. More

    12 Jul 2019

    Trade war dominates, distracts and detracts...