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Video - Interview with Kerr Neilson

Kerr Neilson,

Kerr, with the help of Andrew Clifford, founded Platinum in 1994 with a view to making money for investors. The emphasis was on continuing the successful investment approach.. More

17 Sep 2018

​Platinum's Investment Specialist Julian McCormack interviews founder Kerr Neilson and asks what advice he would give to somebody looking to invest in stocks for the first time. Plus Kerr provides an update on where he sees value in today's markets.

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    Philip Ingram,

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    The promise of the new is always exciting, whether it is Tesla taking on the motor industry or cryptocurrencies challenging the fiat money printed by central banks.  However, an object lesson for investors in the thrill of the new is banks’ resilience to the onslaught from fintech...

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    Platinum’s CIO, Andrew Clifford, provides an update on global markets and how Platinum is positioned for the current investment environment.

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    Here is an audio recording of the highlights of Platinum’s June 2018 Quarterly Report. The podcast provides key messages from CEO & CIO Andrew Clifford’s Macro Overview, accompanied by Asia Fund Manager Joe Lai’s insights from recent visits to India and China, Health Care...