Curious Investor Behaviour
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Curious Investor Behaviour & Investment Fundamentals

An eclectic collection of content on the fundamentals of investing and lessons learnt over the years – with input from those who spend the time analysing the companies through to those who communicate the message of what we do to our clients, the investors and advisers.

In addition, we encourage you to discover our timeless blue and red booklets, ‘Curious Investor Behaviour’ and ‘Reflections on Investment’.  These booklets have been a staple of Platinum’s communications for over 20 years, finding an audience with investors and advisers alike; scribed by Platinum’s founder Kerr Neilson, these take a look at the classic, long term behavioural traits of investing.

Curious Investor Behaviour

Curious Investor Behaviour

Reflections on Investment

Reflections on Investment
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Curious Investor Behaviour
read | 20 May 2016

What is on Our Clients’ Minds, and How We Play Tricks on Ourselves

We conducted a survey to find out what was on our clients’ minds. But there was a twist...

Investing - what matters
read | 17 Dec 2014

Investing — What Matters!

After years of great domestic returns, Australian investors should surely now be asking have...

Investing - what matters
read | 18 Jul 2014

Property Investing is All About Your Time Horizon

Kerr Neilson delves into the ins-and-outs and pros-and-cons of investing in real estate, and sheds..

Investing - what matters
read | 6 Oct 2013

The Platinum DNA

Kerr Neilson explains how Platinum seeks to grow clients’ wealth by applying, with discipline, a...

Investing - what matters
read | 20 Aug 2013

Platinum’s Approach

Platinum is a specialist international equities manager, with an excellent track record. The fund...

Investing - what matters
read | 8 Jul 2013

Echoes of Neglect? A Playbook for All Time

It is often said that history does not repeat, but it does rhyme...

Investing - what matters
read | 5 Jul 2013

Platinum Trust Fund Distributions Explained

Investment specialist, Douglas Isles, explains how to think about total return (income and...

Investing - what matters
read | 30 Nov 2012

A Short Framework For Investing Your Own Money

Kerr Neilson outlines a basic framework and three key lessons for investing in the stock market...

Investing - what matters
read | 31 Dec 2011

Why Valuation Matters!

With shares having lost investors money over the last five years (and even 10 years depending on...

Investing - what matters
read | 30 Jun 2009

Possible Futures and Keeping Faith With Stocks

Two articles, kindly supplied by Credit Suisse, dive deep into the returns generated by equities...