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watch | 16 Jun 2022

Market Update: Inflation Takes its Toll on Markets

In this recently recorded webinar, CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford talks with Investment Specialist..

read | 8 Jun 2022

Japan Dominating Highly Profitable Niches

Japan is home to many well-run, globally dominant businesses, but this fact is often obscured behind...

listen | 27 May 2022

Audio – Remember the Tech Wreck? This is Worse

In the latest episode of Your Wealth, Investment Specialist Julian McCormack chats with nabtrade’s..

read | 5 May 2022

Investing for a Better Tomorrow

The world economy emits around 50 billion tonnes of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gases (GHGs) every...

listen | 4 May 2022

Audio – 31 March 2022 Quarterly Report

An audio recording capturing the highlights of Platinum@s March 2022 Quarterly Report is now availab...

read | 20 Apr 2022

Quarterly Report for the Platinum Trust Funds

The March quarterly report for the Platinum Trust Funds can be accessed here. The report contains...

listen | 13 Apr 2022

Macro Overview: Navigating Through Complex Times

CEO and co-CIO Andrew Clifford sits down with Investment Specialist Julian McCormack to discuss...

watch | 7 Apr 2022

Video - Entrepreneurial Spirit Thriving in Asia

Asia is fast becoming a hub of young and impressive businesses run by management teams full of...

watch | 1 Apr 2022

Video – 2022 Investor Presentation

Platinum recently held its 2022 investor presentation: “Beware the crowd – why having a...

read | 8 Mar 2022

Market Update – 8 March 2022

Global equity markets have weakened sharply as they digested the Russia-Ukraine conflict. While...

watch | 8 Mar 2022

Video - Readying for a Market Leadership Change

Every bubble has two main ingredients: a great idea and easy money. This time, technological...

read | 2 Mar 2022

Update on the Russia/Ukraine Situation

In response to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, Western countries, including the US...