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watch | 30 Aug 2022

Video – Batteries Enabling the Energy Transition

The world is embarking on a massive change in the way we produce and consume energy, requiring...

watch | 19 Aug 2022

Video - Power Semiconductors Powering Our Lives

A key part of Platinum’s investment process is to look for areas of change that are...

watch | 17 Aug 2022

Video - Riding the Energy Capex Wave

Following an eight-year recession in capital spending and extensive cost-cutting, the oil and gas...

read | 16 Aug 2022

Fast and Not so Fast Food

US “fast-casual” restaurants Wingstop and Shake Shack have delivered very different operating...

listen | 4 Aug 2022

Audio – 30 June 2022 Quarterly Report

An audio recording capturing the highlights of Platinum@s June 2022 Quarterly Report is now availabl...

read | 3 Aug 2022

A Postcard from NYC: Pets, Pools and Price Increases

The shift in work and home dynamics since the onset of the pandemic has been a boon for consumer...

read | 25 Jul 2022

The Paradox of Cycles

Central to the perpetuation of stock market cycles are emotions: excitement, hope, avarice...

read | 18 Jul 2022

Quarterly Report for the Platinum Trust Funds

The June quarterly report for the Platinum Trust Funds can be accessed here...

listen | 13 Jul 2022

Macro Overview: A 'Garden Variety' Correction or Much More?

It’s been another challenging quarter for markets. Co-CIO and portfolio manager Clay Smolinski sat..

watch | 28 Jun 2022

Video – Defensive Stocks Not So Defensive After All?

US consumer stocks have taken a hit this year. Rate rises, geopolitical issues, withdrawal of...

watch | 23 Jun 2022

Video – Turmoil Provides Catalyst for Significant Investment in Europe

It is no surprise that investor sentiment has turned negative on Europe. In the short term, there...

watch | 22 Jun 2022

Video – Biotech, Down but Absolutely Not Out

It has been a difficult 12 months or so for biotech, but portfolio manager Dr Bianca Ogden...