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Next to looking after our clients’ money ably and responsibly, we endeavour to keep our clients abreast of how we are managing their money and to help them become better investors by sharing with them our views and analyses on global markets, industry trends, interesting stocks and the fundamentals of investing.

To help clients and potential clients navigate through the suite of products we offer and make more informed investment decisions, we have designed simple tools to compare the different characteristics of our products and acquire a sense of the composition of our portfolios.


Investment Fundamentals

From the challenges of uncovering overlooked opportunities to the behavioural pitfalls that confront every investor, we offer the lessons and experience we have gained as practitioners to help you become better investors.

The Journal

In a world awash with news and information, true insights remain hard to come by.

At Platinum, our job is to cut through the noise and keep our finger on the pulse of markets, economic trends, and interesting companies. The Journal is where we bring you our perspective.


Product Comparison

Confused by the products we offer? Use this comparison tool to learn how they differ in terms of product structure, investment strategy, fees, and ways of access.

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